ASPNETDB.mdf not being created

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Sep 19, 2007 at 5:59 PM
I have been trying this source kit out for a few days now and I keep running into problems that i hope may be resolved by the kind help of you guys here :) My problem is basically the ASPNETDB.mdf file is not being created, I can run it in development mode from Visual Web Express and log in etc and have edited the connection string so it finds the clubDB.mdf file. I load up the web configurator and can see all the user settings etc that come with the starter kit but they arent being created into the ASPNETDB.mdf file that I should see in the app_data folder. I have since installed the full version of Video Studio 2005 and its the same problem, the site runs but only in development mode. As soon as I host it on my IIS machine I have running on my home network it fails to load, I have two other small projects working fine, one of them is the personal web starter. I am using SQL Express. Thanks in advance.
Sep 29, 2007 at 1:42 PM
The table that you would fine in the ASPNETDB.mdf is incorporated in the ClubDB.mdf. If you install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services SP 2 andattach the ClubDB database you will see the following table

which is the content of a normal ASPNET db. I have the ClubStarterKit running fine on IIS on my Vista pc.

Hope this answer your question

What error are you getting when you load the app in IIS?