Error 26 - Cannot get site loaded on web server

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Jan 15, 2008 at 9:28 PM
I am a newbie trying to publish the Clubsite (v3) to an internal hosted webserver which is loaded with IIS6 and SQLServer2005 Enterprise Edition SP1 and Windows 2003 SP2. I get the error 26 error - error locating server/instance specified. The source error is this:

Line 9: Public Shared Sub PushToSession()
Line 10: If Current.Session.Item("SettingsSet") Is Nothing Or CBool (Current.Session.Item("SettingsSet')) = False Then
Line 11: Dim ws As New WebSettings(WebSettings.Columns.Id, 1)
Line 12:
Line 13: If ws.IsLoaded = True Then

Source File: D:\Teamhagerman\App_Code\BLL\Settings.vb Line: 11

I changed the web.config file to point to the database and I published it through Visual Studio 2005.

Can someone help point me in the right direction?!

Jan 16, 2008 at 9:16 PM
I figured out it was in the connection string config file. The default connection string uses a SQLExpress code whereas I have SQL Server 2005 loaded instead. I found the below string worked for me:

<add name="ClubSiteDB" connectionString="Server=localhost;Database=ClubDB;Integrated Security=True;AttachDBFilename=c:\mydirectpathtodatabasefilename;User Id=admin;Password=admin;" />
<remove name="LocalSqlServer"/>
<add name="LocalSqlServer" connectionString="Server=localhost;Database=TimeTracker;Integrated Security=True;AttachDBFilename=c:\mydirectpathtodatabasefilename\ClubDB.mdf;User Id=admin;Password=admin;" />