Starter Kit Installation - I finally figured it out.

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Jun 7, 2008 at 5:32 PM
I am a Newbie also and after a man-week I finally figured out how to install the Club Starter Kit into Visual Web Developer Express Edition.  Like everyone else, I couldn’t find any .VSI installer files on the CodePlex site or in the downloaded .ZIP file for the kit.  Here is what to do!
  1. Download the starter kit to your computer and unzip it.
  2. Per the documentation, edit the ConnectionStrings.config file to point to the location of the ClubDB.mdf database on your computer
  3. Open the Club Starter Kit solution in Visual Web Developer Express Edition (VWDED).
  4. From the VWDED menu select File/Export Template…  The “Export Template Wizard” will appear.
  5. In the Export Template Wizard, select the “Project Template” radio button, accept the default project name, change the Language to “Visual Basic” and press the [Next] button.
  6. On the second page of the Export Template Wizard, enter a template name and description, edit the “Output Location” to the place on your hard drive you want it stored, make sure that the “Automatically import the template into Visual Studio” checkbox is selected then press the [Finish] button.
  7. You may be prompted to convert this template from .NET 2 to .NET 3.5.  You decide.
  8. After installation finishes, go to the VWDED menu and select File/New Web Site…  You will now see your template in the “My Templates” section.
Jun 17, 2008 at 5:06 AM
That takes care of installing it to work as a template, how about having it build and run?  I get:

Description File Line Column Project
Warning 1 Variable 'd' is used before it has been assigned a value. A null reference exception could result at runtime. \UserControls\ImageFetch.ashx 52 26 \Club Site
Warning 2 Variable declaration without an 'As' clause; type of Object assumed. \App_Code\DAL\Member.vb 40 17 \Club Site
Error 3 PollQuestion' is ambiguous, imported from the namespaces or types 'ClubStarterKit.Web, ClubStarterKit.Data'. \Poll\AddReaction.aspx.vb 43 22 \Club Site

"right out of the box" (i.e., after following the procedure you outlined and with no other changes).  Any ideas?