remove dbo from DAL

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Aug 7, 2008 at 1:40 PM
hi, I'm fabio
I've a little problem with "dbo" references that i can't find in the project CLUB STARTER KIT. The history is this:
my sql hosting cannot permit developers to use "dbo" references in db, so I generated scripts about tables, views ad storeds from clubdb and replaced all dbo references using db's account; now the remote db is OK.
About project, i replaced the provider with toolKitSamplerProvider adding the dll in bin directory, so I can reach without problems.
Next step was remove all dbo references in the project, but i have this problem

Invalid object name 'dbo.WebSettings'

as you can see at

in the directory named 'generated', by subsonic I think, all dbo references was replaced but whit no results, and no others dbo instance can be found in the project. Where this reference is hard-coded? I just take SubStage to regenerate vb classes using my connection string to the db with no dbo references but there are some errors during building project.

following the ask:

what can I do to remove all dbo references in the CLUB STARTER KIT?

thank's a lot
Aug 23, 2008 at 1:27 AM
dbo.WebSettings is created in ClubStarterKit.Data/Generated/WebSettings.vb



Shared Sub GetTableSchema()



If (Not IsSchemaInitialized) Then



'Schema declaration



Dim schema As TableSchema.Table = New TableSchema.Table("WebSettings", TableType.Table, DataService.GetInstance("ClubStarterKitData"))


schema.Columns =

New TableSchema.TableColumnCollection()


schema.SchemaName =