ClubStarter Kit and Leagues

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Apr 25, 2009 at 12:39 AM
I am trying to customize the clubstarter kit and can't seem to figure this out. 

I have a site that is one url that allows different leagues to join and have a custom website for their team.

Main site name is <-- This site will have  custom information for the team called Scorpions.  <-- This site will have  custom information for the team called Marshmellows.
and so on.

Each page will obviously call all data from the database based on this magic "clubId" parameter and display the correct content.

So my question lies here, how do I update the BLL/CMS.vb content update code that allows for updating the web content based on the clubId value.  The clubId will will be passed through the queryString.

Public Class CMS

        Public Shared Function GetContent(ByVal sectionname As String) As String
            Dim str As String = ""
            Dim qry As New Query(Tables.WebContent)
            qry.AddWhere(WebContent.Columns.Section, sectionname)
            If qry.GetRecordCount() = 1 Then
                Dim Content As New WebContent(WebContent.Columns.Section, LCase(sectionname))

                If Content.IsLoaded Then
                    str = Content.SectionContent.ToString()
                End If
                str = "IsNotAdded"
            End If
            Return str
        End Function