Blogging is a popular trend with new sites. The Club Starter Kit adds a simple blogging system to your club's website.

Add a blog post

Once you are logged in as an administrator, click "Blogs" at the top. Now click "New Post". Enter your title and text and click "Add Blog Post".

View a blog post

Click "Blogs" at the top. Now click the title.

If you need a larger time span of posts to view from, click "Blog Post Archieve". Then click the title.

Add a comment

After following the "View a blog post" step and logging in as a user, you should see the heading "Add Comment". Enter your text and click "Add Comment".

Delete a comment

As an administrator, you can click "Delete" under a particular comment.

Delete a post

As an administrator, you can click "Delete Post" under the blog post text.

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