For some people, databases can be a daunting thing. Club Starter Kit needs to make databases easier.

The default configuration

By default, the database is in the App_Data folder and is attached to the SQLExpress server at runtime. If you want to change this, take a look at the following sections

Publishing the database

You have two options when publishing your database to a hosting provider.

1) You can run our scripts
2) You can use the "Database Publishing Wizard" in Visual Studio (not Express)

If you are going to run the scripts, run the "Schema" script against your database first.

If you don't want the test data added in, don't run the "Data" script. If you do, however, run it.

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KevInKauai Jun 15, 2008 at 11:38 PM 
WHY can't the Database Pubishing Wizard from VWDEE2008 be used? I just did and got a 5.9 meg SQL file which ran fine when I pulled it up to GoDaddy. (The only problem I had is that their "load sql file" has a restriction on size of 2.5 meg, so I simply copied various sections (carefully observing the "GO" breaks as easy markers) and did the recreation on the GoDaddy server in 4 chunks. A cursory look over the database tables, stored procedures and views indicates that the structure AND the data arrived intact.

Curious in Kauai ... :) KevInKauai