Instruction in readme at step 5 creates a compile error


When following the steps in the readme, the code does not compile when step 5 is executed. In step 5 the admin user is created and added to the scope. The readme file states to add several lines in the global.asax file. The following lines produce compilation errors:
            var user = scope.UnitOfWork.RepositoryFor<ClubStarterKit.Domain.User>() .First(u => u.Username == "admin");
            var role = scope.UnitOfWork.RepositoryFor<ClubStarterKit.Domain.User>() .First(r => r.RoleName == Constants.AdminRole);
The error is: 'ClubStarterKit.Core.DataAccess.IRepository<ClubStarterKit.Domain.User>' does not contain a definition for 'First' and no extension method 'First' accepting a first argument of type 'ClubStarterKit.Core.DataAccess.IRepository<ClubStarterKit.Domain.User>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
This goes for both lines. Please update the instructions.